OFTR Celebrates 30 Years. Kellee Irwin, President OFTR, Board Member and Past Chair, MCC

OFTR Celebrates 30 Years

By Off-road

OFTR Celebrates 30 Years! 2022 marks the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders’ 30th Anniversary. With the commitment, volunteering, and passion of our members, we realized a point in the organization that no one imagined possible in 1992. In 2022, we are not only the voice of the off-road motorcycling community, but also its eyes, ears, heart, and throttle. 

Through our federation of clubs, the OFTR stewards over 2500 km of trail throughout Ontario. This expansive network appeals to all levels of riders. Enhancing this further is our newly launched #RideOFTR mobile app and web-based mapping system that provides real-time status of trails, difficulties, and interest points. The RideOFTR system creates unprecedented access for our 6500+ members in a safe, legal, and responsible way. More access, more adventure, more braaaap! Whether a member is learning that incomparable feeling of a clutch engaging the engine for the first time, or they are cautiously inching their way up steep rocky terrain, the OFTR trail has a perfect trail for them at their fingertips.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we obtained the most significant increase to access for off-road motorcycles in Ontario’s history. In recognizing the tremendous value off-road motorcycling brings the Province of Ontario in tourism, recreation, and physical and mental health, the government passed legislation permitting unprecedented access to off-road, green-plated motorcycles on select shoulders of roads that serve as key transit points connecting trails, towns, and businesses to our members.

Looking forward, we strive to continue this legacy and build on our successes. This includes: 

  • Advocating for more trail access with various provincial, municipal, and private partners;   
  • Educating riders on trail etiquette, safety, skills, and advancements;
  • Pushing for wider insurance coverage for our members, particularly for those motorcycles under 150cc;
  • Strengthening our existing clubs and providing the tools to new clubs to reach their potential; 
  • A commitment to increasing diversity in the sport through programs, events, and communication initiatives; 
  • More transparency and accountability to our members through governance structures, communication policies, and compliance with newly implemented legislation for non-for-profits in Ontario (ONCA); and,
  • Organizing and promoting organized cherished events and rides for our off-road and dual sport members.

Of course, none of this is possible without the gracious donations of our volunteers, sponsors, and supporters. For those interested in becoming involved, visit our website at www.oftr.ca or email us at info@oftr.ca. Whether it is participating in various committees, trail clean up, event organization, or sponsorships, every contribution helps us preserve our privileges in riding in Ontario. Together, we can continue to build the sport today and for future generations.


Happy trails! 


Kellee Irwin
President, OFTR
Board Member and Past Chair, MCC