Distracted Drivers Kill Motorcyclists

One million Canadian motorcyclists are back on the roads and trails. May signals the arrival of warmer weather and the official launch of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This year, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) is reminding all drivers that sharing the road means sharing the responsibility.


“Distracted drivers are killing motorcyclists,” says Dave Millier, MCC Chair. While most provinces have strengthened their distracted driving laws and penalties, distracted driving continues to climb.


Automobiles are safer and more comfortable for their occupants than ever before. With that comes a false sense of security and a detachment from the driving experience. “Drivers are not in their living room, they are operating a vehicle,” says Millier. “Distractions, including mobile phones, eating and drinking, and onboard technology take attention away from the real task at hand – driving.”


Statistics vary by province, but in a lot of collisions involving motorcycles, the rider was not the at-fault driver. In British Columbia, for example, drivers are at fault in nearly 80 per cent of motorcycle crashes where the rider was seriously injured. Police report that driver distraction, and drivers who fail to yield, are the top factors in car crashes with motorcycles, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.1


“We always ask motorcyclists to ride within speed limits and skill level, wear all the gear all the time, and make yourself visible to other road users,” says Millier. “On behalf of every motorcyclist in Canada, we want to remind all motorists that motorcycle safety is everyone’s responsibility. We share the road. Let’s share the responsibility.”


Drivers can take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge

There’s a Pledge just for drivers. The Motorcycle Safety Pledge is a promise you make to yourself, friends, and loved ones to help support motorcycle safety. It encourages motorcyclists, drivers, riders and loved ones to recognize that everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety. Visit motorcycling.ca to take the Pledge. Tell us why you’re taking the #MotorcycleSafetyPledge on motorcycling.ca, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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