MCC Competition Council Protest Resolution Tribunal formed to rule on motorcycle race protests

Established in the spring of 2019, the MCC Competition Council Protest Resolution Tribunal is an arm’s length neutral body that is ready to rule on protests that cannot be resolved at the track.

This Tribunal represents an unprecedented union of national race series organizations supporting one another. Their goal is to ensure safe and fair competition. Members include select nonpartisan individuals with a high degree of racing knowledge, and representatives from each of the following national racing organizations:

As the voice of motorcycling in Canada, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)  represents on-road, off-road and competition motorcyclists across the country. “This was a natural fit for MCC due to our wide range of expertise and already established independent Competition Council,” explains MCC Chair Dave Millier. “MCC is passionate about the sport and wants to raise the bar to secure a bright future for motorcycle competition in Canada.”

The MCC Competition Council unites various racing disciplines across Canada and has been fostering the growth and development of competition motorcycling in Canada for over 15 years.


Ruling on Registered Protests

The Tribunal takes each protest very seriously. Within 72 business hours, the MCC Competition Council Protest Resolution Tribunal will provide an impartial and unbiased final decision. An appeal involves consulting the rulebook, interviewing race officials, reviewing video and photos, considering the rationale of decisions made, and exploring precedents set for similar occurrences. After considering all of the details, Tribunal members meet via conference call to discuss and decide on an official Tribunal protest ruling.

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