The evolving face of motorcycling in Canada

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Women Riders Council celebrating 10 years in 2017

For women motorcyclists, riding is freedom. Often an activity they may not have thought of doing, riding a motorcycle allows women to challenge themselves, gain skills and build self-confidence. Riding is also a social activity for women. It’s a way to build community and camaraderie by bringing people together to experience the joy of riding. Read More

Honouring Canadian Motorcycle Legends

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Did you know that over 100 distinguished motorcyclists and organizations have been inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame since 2006?

The Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame recognizes the pioneers, contributors, competitors, and organizations that have played an influential role in Canadian motorcycling history. This treasured designation preserves their legacy and celebrates how their actions have influenced the present and future of motorcycling in Canada. Read More