Recognizing contributions of motorcyclists and motorcycles in war

November signals a winding down of the motorcycling riding season and marks a reflective time. We wear poppies on our lapels and recognize the contributions of soldiers that have served our country.

In the First and Second World War Despatch Riders on motorcycles carried messages and did reconnaissance work. Motorcycles were easily maneuverable and were able to get to locations that may have been impassable, which allowed riders to deliver key information to the front lines.

An old film from the Canadian Army shows the military’s motorcycle training program. This is where they became motorcyclists, learned how to maintain their motorcycles, went through vigorous training exercises, and learned how to travel across rough terrain.


In the early 1900s these motorcyclists became an important part of Canada’s military. Photos from Library and Archives Canada give us a brief glimpse into the life of a Despatch Rider during the First and Second World Wars.

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada salutes the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

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