MCC identifies priorities for 2019

By Paul McGeachie

This year’s annual fall AGM was one of MCC’s best. Our members are from all across Canada who represent the interests of motorcyclists at a national level. It is one of my favourite parts of belonging to the MCC. It’s always an enlightening and passionate session. This year’s focus was looking for ways to reach new riders, changing public perceptions of motorcyclists, promoting environmental advantages of motorcycles, and identifying challenges, including the threat of distracted driving. The Board then distilled the mountain of information into the 2019 strategic plan:

Priorities for 2019

  1. Motorcycle Safety & Advocacy

May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month most everywhere, and the MCC program keeps growing each year. In 2019 our ambitious goal is to reach distracted drivers. We’re looking forward to raising awareness of motorcycles on the road, having more great pledge photos on our website, and seeing which city will take the lead in pledges.

MCC is continuing to build relationships with federal ministries to let decision makers know about the importance of motorcycling to the Canadian economy. Our advocacy will focus on motorcycles being included in the policy level definition of vulnerable road users, and included in transportation policies as the globally recognized form of transportation that it is. In addition, we will further develop stakeholder relations and partnerships on important issues including distracted driving, and rider impairment by drugs and alcohol.


  1. FIM Affiliation

In 2019, MCC will continue to work towards FIM affiliation. FIM is the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (the International Motorcycling Federation). They are the governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling. Our work towards affiliation includes engaging with local, regional and provincial racing organizations to support the need to identify the requirements and concerns for a national racing body.


  1. Off-Road Land Access

MCC is committed to ensuring continued access to trails for off-road riders. In 2019 we will build a stakeholder engagement plan, and develop a toolkit for use by provincial and local federations and clubs.


  1. Identify & Develop Additional Funding Opportunities

We will be following up on advice that the MCC investigate grants and funding opportunities that can help power specific projects and enhance long-term national funding for the MCC. We will also identify sponsorship opportunities at specific events and campaigns.


MCC Leadership Team

Thank you to all the board members that serve MCC, and dedicate their time and energy in supporting national motorcycling initiatives.


Executive for 2019

  • Dave Millier, Chair, Off-Road Council member, Road Riders Council member
  • Chris Bourque, Vice-Chair, Off-Road Council member, Road Riders Council member
  • Grant Lingley, Secretary, Off-Road Council member
  • Paul McGeachie, Treasurer, Road Riders Council member
  • Kellee Irwin, Past Chair, Women Riders Council member

We wish to thank the following members for their devoted service on the MCC board – each has served for over six years – and we wish them well in their future endeavours!

  • Doug Houghton, Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups, former MCC Road Riders Council Chair
  • Bob Ramsay, Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council, former MCC Industry Council member

MCC welcomes new members to our team:

  • Sylvain Bergeron, Fédération Motocycliste du Québec, Road Riders Council member
  • Carolyn Peters, Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups, Road Riders Council member
  • Chris Poirier, Yamaha Motor Canada, Industry Council member
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