2021 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign

Watch Out For Each Other

Spring signals the start of motorcycling season in Canada.

That’s why May is officially recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

This national initiative promotes motorcycle safety among all road users across Canada.

2019-2020 Safety Campaign

We Share the Road. Let’s Share the Responsibility.

Drivers play a vital role in motorcycle safety.

We all know that driving requires our full attention. The consequences of distracted driving are potentially deadly for everyone sharing our roads. We ask that all motorists commit to fully participating in driving, and to put away the distractions. We always ask motorcyclists to ride within speed limits and skill level, wear all the gear all the time, and make yourself visible to other road users.

Distracted drivers are a danger to motorcyclists and other vulnerable road users. We developed a series of social media graphics and messages that boldly call out distracted drivers. Each creative graphic plays on a famous movie title, and is paired with a powerful image of a distracted driver closely following a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety Pledge

MCC launched the Motorcycle Safety Pledge between 2017-2019 to encourage motorcyclists, drivers, riders and loved ones to recognize that everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety. The Pledge became an immediate success with both riders and non-riders. It gave people a way to participate and share their support for an important cause.

Some of the Canadians Who Took the Motorcycle Safety Pledge


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